Leeds Hockey Club

aa525700340_men_s_quarter_zip_midlayer_navy_back_1As part of the Fantastic Hockey League, the men and women at Leeds Hockey Club certainly know how to put on a show. They boast a brand new hockey pitch and regularly host special camps to inspire people who have recently thought of trying their hands at the game of hockey.

Situated in the county of Yorkshire in the north of England, Leeds is reputedly the cultural and commercial capital of the region on account of its historic textiles industry and thriving manufacturing industry. The city was once cursed with the reputation of being gloomy and industrial, and it was epitomised by images of cobbled streets and workers in flat caps; however, these days it has become known as a vibrant, cosmopolitan city offering contemporary attractions and conveniences.

The visitors looking for history won’t be disappointed; the city has its fair share of period architecture and historic constructions. The Town Hall is among the most famous of the city’s old buildings and dates back to 1852, when it was designed and built by the then unknown Cuthbert Broderick. The same designer was also responsible for the city’s famous Corn Exchange, which was completed in 1864, and is hailed as one of Britain’s finest Victorian buildings.

The Corn Exchange offers views of fantastic architecture from the outside, while inside it is home to a variety of trendy shops and chic little cafes; it’s a must for anyone wanting a combination of both fashion and culture. Elsewhere, the Edwardian Kirkgate Market is an early 20th century construction which was the site of the first Mark and Spencers stall ever. Nowadays, it remains a traditional retail market and retains all the character you would associate with a venue of its ilk.

Away from the urban bustle, Leeds offers some of Yorkshire’s best countryside, with the scenic Dales right on the city’s doorstep. Many visitors to the city use it as a base to explore some of West Yorkshire’s places of historic interest such as Wetherby and Sandal Castles, and the region’s miles of pleasant green hills, fields and woodland.