Ashford Hockey Club is located in the town of Ashford in Middlesex and is a popular league that offers men’s, lady’s and mixed teams. The Club is known as the Red ‘n’ Blacks and a wide range of highly charged hockey matches are regularly held here. Matches are particularly popular during the summer months when the weather tends to be much warmer and drier than at other times of year and turnouts tend to be high.

Cosmopolitan Ashford is located in the southeast of England and is ideal for a stop if you are coming from either London or Paris on the Channel Tunnel rail route. Ashford has been a bustling market town for centuries and in recent times was transformed thanks to an influx of extra international visitors.

Lying in an area that is loaded with picturesque villages, Ashford has a few notable attractions itself, such as a fine collection of medieval houses, tree-lined walkways, numerous parks and gardens and a heritage trail. Ashford Borough Museum is a 17th century establishment that used to be a grammar school and is now home to some incredible archaeological finds.

The best way to see Ashford is to walk the heritage trail, which follows twisting alleyways with Georgian and Jacobean homes as well as the old town jail and historic churchyard.

Ashford also boasts Godington House and Gardens, with its rich interior and gardens perfect for enjoying in the summertime. There are also several other gardens for the green fingered close to Ashford, including Beech Court Gardens and Church Hill Cottage Gardens, at Charing Heath.

Two huge shopping centers offer a number of modern, handy shops, while two leisure centers provide excellent sporting facilities, including a bowling alley and golf course. Ashford’s best aspect, however, is its bustling cafes and general street activity; just wander the streets by day or night and people-watch.